FFA, Strives to Farm Better Goals

Clarice Flores, Reporter

The FFA program is a national student leadership organization that focuses on the important priorities of agriculture. The program has been more than excited to have kept up with their goals this year. Whether it is completing hard tasks or winning a competition,students have the positive willingness to move forward towards their goals. The students welcome everyone to support their activities and events that they host throughout the year.

“I do encourage others to get involved in this program,” explains senior Dale Fransen. “There’s a variety of things to do such as AG science, floral, speaking and leadership.” 

The program is open to all students who want to learn more about the agricultural industry, and for those who’ll someday be take part of it in the future.

“I enjoy being in the floral department in FFA, it’s opened many doors for me,” expressed senior Yesenia Baustista “The opportunities that were opened to me, are going to benefit me in my education that will award me in the future.” 

FFA has not only benefits your education for those interested in the argirulatcal environment, but for those who are open to new experiences.

“I am very involved in FFA and it’s significant to me because it has allowed me to make many new friends,see new places,experience new things, and learn a lot in general.” explained Fransen. 

The welcoming organization ensures positivity and brings a safe environment for students to feel included.To not only help make new friends but to feel like a member of a family in and out of campus.

“The group is like a family,” said junior Michael Schilling. “Like a family we learn together and problem solve.” 

Students involved in popular activities such as,The Opening Closing Speaking Contest, the Cotton Judging, grapevine and tree pruning are events the students are well familiar with and work hard on. To be an active member in the organization one must be able to give their full attention and constant time to the program.

“There is a social aspect to FFA, which requires you to participate in the meeting,” explain Baustista. “Personally my favorite meeting is, participating in the mud meeting. We’re able to be kids and act childish in the mud.”

The program is looking forward to the upcoming event held on December 5th, this year. FFA will be using their valuable time for a charity meeting by creating a care package for the Bethel Lutheran Church.The group welcomes everyone at Selma High to come and support in hope to see the community to join the experience FFA has to offer.