Oswaldo Landin: Art Is Freedom’s Outlet


Katarina Quintana, Editorial Editor/Webmaster

Oswaldo Landin, a junior at SHS, is a high-achieving student in Mrs. Rodela’s Art 2 class. This year is his second year in art and he strives to make connections with his work daily. For Landin, art is an outlet to express his love for music and future success. 

“I like to draw about music and always look forward to the future,” said Landin. 

As a child, Landin would draw in notebooks for fun. Although he never considered it a talent, he slowly began to be a skilled artist.

“Overtime you just pick up some skills. If other people found interest in it, then I’m glad they can enjoy it,” explained Landin.

The diversity of art is what drew him into the class.

“It wasn’t necessarily just drawing or art. It was just the whole aspect of art from music, abstract stuff, drawing, to pictures. It was just something different,” expressed Landin.

He enjoys the freedom he’s allowed when drawing.

“I like to draw what I feel,” said Landin.

He recently created a Thanksgiving piece he based off of the music album Thank Me Later by Drake.

“It’s a Thanksgiving piece of me. I put myself in that picture, instead of the artist. The message is, ‘don’t thank me now, thank me when it’s all said and done’,” stated Landin.

His artwork is admired by many, including his art teacher, Mrs. Rodela.

His outside of the box ideas, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are what make his work stand out. He executes his work really well in ways that I’ve never really seen from other students,” explained Mrs. Rodela.

Not only does his artwork stand out but so does his character and personality.

Mrs. Rodela explains that his positive attitude and willingness to help others speaks a lot about his character.

Ozzy is considerate of others and is always willing to have a heartfelt conversation with you about music, art, personal experiences and future aspirations. He brings a positive vibe that is contagious and appreciated by all,” explained Mrs. Rodela.

Landin received an award for a bear drawing in 6th grade, but has yet to earn one for a high school piece. However, has had his art displayed in the front office recently. He is looking forward to getting an award someday soon.

Mrs. Rodela shared that she would like to encourage Landin to keep creating art, whether it be through music or drawing because he possess a talent many wish they had. His work is valuable and relatable to those who see it.

Some people may not know the significance of art or recognize that it surrounds them.

Both Oswaldo and Mrs. Rodela understand the joy art can bring someone. They agree that being normal is overrated and letting yourself take risks is what pushes you to be artistic.

“It’s always good to be creative and to get away from the normal,” said Landin.