Bears On Campus

Isabella Porras, Reporter

Question: What’s the best gift you can give someone and why?



Micheal Acosta- “Money, because they can use it to buy what they want when they want it.”

Primavera Vargas Leon- “ Emotional support, because it makes kids feel appreciated and loved.”



Joshua Ramierez- “So many clothes. You got to stay toasty ya know?”

Hope Garnica- “Kindness and showing that someone you care for them.”



Robert Garibay- “A Visa gift card, because it’s basically cash.”

Oriana Espiritu- “Your support when they need you, because you never know what someone is going through”



Eduardo Urieta- “Your attention and support, because it matters so much more than material items.”

Claire Machado- “Something personal, like an inside joke for you guys.”



Mr. Mitchell -“ A new car, because everyone likes a new car.”

Mrs. Plascencia- “A wrapped up memory. Something that brings back good times for the two of you.”