Together We Pre Register!

Mia Salinas, Reporter/Layout Editor

As the year of the presidential election comes closer, Selma High’s Feminist Forward Club took inititaive to host a Non Partisan voter registration drive on Friday, November 15th. This event provided an opportunity for many young students to prepare for the 2020 Presidential election.

Pre-Registration was held in the Dining Hall after school until 5pm, and any student of age of 16 or above was welcome to attend. Pre-registering does not change the voting age, but allows eligible Californians ages 16 or 17 to plan for the upcoming election. Students that pre-register to vote take the first step towards ensuring that their voting rights automatically become active once they are 18 years old. Students involved in the club contributed to the event by campaigning around campus and assisting other Selma High students during the registration process. Attendees were offered refreshments while engaging in their civic duty. 

The Feminist Foward Club is looking forward to a tremendous year of advocacy, empowerment, and service. 

“Honestly, it was a big success,” exclaimed senior Mia Guerrero. “As a 16 year old, these kinds of things are scary to think about, so having help during the process was a huge relief.” 

With several deadlines and festivities coming up, receiving help on one important task goes a long way. 

Members of the club are currently planning ways to give back to the community and looking forward to the Women’s March Rally taking place in San Francisco this upcoming January. The mission of the Women’s March movement is to unite and empower the individuals who strongly stand for human rights and equality for all.

“I think pre registering was a good way for the students to get an insight on the upcoming elections,” explains Laura Herrera. “As an active member of the Feminist Club, I’m really looking forward to the Women’s March.”

Feminist Forward club leaders were highly satisfied with the event.

“The turnout was great! We hope to bring awareness to all issues to students at SHS,” emphasized club adviser Mrs. Loving. 

The outcome was greater than expected, and many participants showed up.  

This was a significant opportunity to increase civic engagement to form more involved members of society.

Regardless of beliefs, the Feminist Forward club encouraged students to engage in any sense of civic duty because every vote matters.