A Homecoming Away From Home

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen share a dance. Photo by Brendan Roberts

Jasmine Lozano Castillo, Reporter

In a year full of change and unanticipated surprises, Selma High School’s first ever community rally was held at Pioneer Village on October 30th. Typically the Homecoming related festivities are held the day of the homecoming football game on Selma High’s campus. These activities include the Homecoming rally during sixth period, the nominated royalty’s performances, the football game, the crowning and homecoming dance and are usually held either on the stadium or in the gym. This year however, due to our stadium currently being under construction, different measures were taken in an attempt to make up for it. 

Food vendors made their way to Pioneer Village as early as 4:30 pm in order to prepare for the opening of the gates at 5:30 pm. At 6:30, the Homecoming Queen and King candidates performed their dances. Seniors Sega Moreno and Michael Renovato, Mia Salinas and Chris Rosas, as well as Nayeli Martinez and Ramon Martinez presented their compiled dances that they had worked so hard on. The winners were announced after the class floats presentations. Nayeli Martinez and Ramon Martinez were declared the Homecoming Queen and King for the class of 2020. 

“I’d like to thank the community of Selma High for voting me their 2019 Homecoming Queen,” said Nayeli. “It’s an amazing experience to enjoy being crowned around such amazing people. Again, thank you all so much for this special opportunity.” 

After the performances, each class had the chance to present their floats. This year’s theme was “A Nightmare on Oskie Street.” The judges would then announce the winners according to the quality of each float. Juniors placed first with a theme of “Goosebumps,” sophomores were awarded second representing “The Purge,” seniors came in third with “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” and the freshmen’s float received fourth with “Children of the Corn.” 

This community rally was a chance for our community to come together and enjoy a special night in a different environment.

“Although we couldn’t hold our rally at our home stadium, the community rally was a very different experience that I’m glad to have been a part of this event, especially for my senior year,” says Anela Zamora.