Selma Celebrates 55th Band Review

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

The city of Selma held its 55th annual Selma Band Review on Saturday, October 26, taking place from 9 am to 9 pm. The streets of downtown Selma were lined with families awaiting to see the parade portion, consisting of community floats, Selma High representatives, and most anticipated, the participating bands. From as far as San Luis Obispo, divisional bands from around the Central Valley traveled to downtown Selma to compete in both the field show and parade for the grand prizes, sweepstakes, and Grand Marshall choice award. The Selma High Black Bear Brigade was the first to perform in the parade and last in field exhibition for their hometown to unveil the work they’ve been putting in for the season. 

The field show portion of the day was held at Kingsburg High, due to the ongoing construction of Selma’s new stadium.

“Although it wasn’t our best run, I feel as if the band has been working really hard to showcase how much time we’ve put in both in and outside of school, especially to our own community,” shares junior Alondra Lopez. “I have a really good feeling about this season, and I think our performances that day really highlighted that.” 

Head band director, Mr. Lima, also expressed his feelings on how the review went, as both an off-and-on the field perspective. 

“I feel that for both field and parade, the band did an excellent job,” said Mr. Lima. “Overall, the band has been performing really well. It was a pretty solid run. Although half the band was sick and we had a very strange kind-of schedule for a show day, the students still managed to pull off a really great performance.”

Senior band member Ubaldo Apolinar, also mentioned how although it is his last year, he feels as though the wave of emotions haven’t hit him yet. Apolinar, along with other band members share that there’s a lot more to expect for the rest of the season. 

Overall, the Band Review really showcased both the bands abilities and the communities’ collaboration and set the standard for the upcoming years.