A Golf Season Never To Fore-get

Dashrit Pandher, Photo Editor

The Selma High girls’ golf team has ended their season with its very last tournament on Tuesday, October 22nd. The team placed fifth out of their CSL league. They are sad to say goodbye to golf and the seniors within the team, but couldn’t be prouder of how they played on their last game together.

“Overall it went pretty well. We did have our ups and downs. Some of our good players didn’t do their best, but I think overall we just tried to appreciate that it was our last [game],” expressed senior Leslie Flores.

Along with enjoying their last game of the season, the girls enjoyed the way their season went. 

“We did improve a lot during our practice games and matches we had to go to. There was like complications on who gets to go and what, but overall it was good and consistent with our stuff,” said senior Bianca Gomez.

 Both seniors do admit that they could have improved their playstyle despite how well the season and last game went.

“I think have a better mental state. All of us were relieved in a way that it was our last game and sad was our last game in the end. Some of us were getting too harsh on ourselves about our actions,” revealed Flores.

Despite the many ups and downs the seniors had this year, they admit that the team was exceptionally different than prior years.

Gomez, who has played for three years, said, “For me it was the atmosphere around the girls. New girls come and old girls leave so its like being around new people and being able to talk to them, and connect with them in a way were they won’t get upset.”

Gomez, along with the rest of the seniors are sad to leave the High School team, but they won’t leave behind their passion for golf.

“I want to [continue playing golf], I do, but I got to figure out what colleges will allow me to continue playing golf,” revealed Gomez.

As the seniors leave for college and their futures out of highschool the legacy of the golf team is passed onto the younger athletes who express their own concerns.

“I think it is going to be a little hard because out of all of our team, there’s five seniors and there’s only two juniors, so next year we need to recruit a lot of golfers,” said junior Emmalie Salazar.

Salazar will be the main senior golfer next year and has already begun being trained by her coaches to fill in this position.

“[My coaches] showed us how we should be the team leaders next year if we are going to be returning and how to motivate them, since it is a very long day being out in the sun,” said Salazar.

As the season ends, and the seniors leave, the new generation of golfers is being prepared to fill in the new gaps and recruit more members for the team, but they will never fore-get this season.