Rise and Shine, Selma High!


The Selma High Cheer Squad performing in the school’s Morning Rally. Photo by Dashrit Pandher

Ari Matias Perez, Co-Editor in Chief, Co-News Editor

Selma High School hosted a televised morning rally on Friday, October 18 . This was the first time Selma High had ever done a rally of this sort.  It was a new experience for everyone.

Selma High School’s principal, Mr. Lopez was contacted by ABC Channel 30 and was asked if the school would like to participate in their High School Early Morning Show Case.  The rally was set to start at 5:00 AM. Due to such an early start, some students were doubtful about going.

“When I found out that it began at 5:00 A.M. I was surprised and didn’t know if I was going to go after all,” expressed sophomore Adan Rodriguez.

Despite this, students began arriving at the school’s gymnasium as early as 4:45 AM.  More than 500 students showed up to show their school spirit, exceeding the staff’s expectations.  

When the rally began students had the opportunity to participate in multiple activities such as dodgeball and dance battles which were organized by Selma High Leadership students.  

“The rally was really fun since we were able to participate in all the activities they had,” said Rodriguez.

This sentiment was widely shared among the students.

“I had so much fun at the rally,” said senior Osirys Espiritu. “I would totally do it again.”

School rallies are great way to make the best of students’ high school experience.  They are great opportunities to show school spirit and make valuable memories. 

“This is what high school is all about.  Making memories with your friends while getting a great education from some really great teachers,” expressed Activities Director Mr. Pallesi. “I really want to encourage more students to come out to all of the high school events.  You are going to graduate soon and everything will change. I want you to enjoy high school, soak it all in, and make lifelong memories.”

Many people would have liked even more of a turn out, going as far as encouraging others to begin participating in future activities. 

“For the students that did not go and do not go to many things I just have to say you missed out.  There are still more to come so don’t miss the next event,” said Pallesi. “Remember: ‘Everyday is a great day to be a Selma Bear!”