Baskin Robbins Review: Candy Mashup

Brandi Aguilera and Anna Armstrong

Brandi, here! For the month of October, Candy Mashup was the flavor of the month. Just by reading the title of it, I honestly wasn’t really excited to try this flavor. Although I do have a sweet tooth, I actually don’t eat much candy. I was afraid it would taste too sweet. However, the name of the ice cream flavor totally proved me wrong. From the first taste, I found the ice cream irresistible. The combination of chocolate ice cream with Snickers bar pieces and caramel absolutely took my taste buds for a ride. Being a huge fan of both Snickers and caramel, I found this ice cream flavor perfect for me. I would definitely go back for another scoop and it is rated a perfect 10/10 in my tastebuds.    

Hey Everyone! It’s Anna! So, when I found out the flavor was Candy Mashup, my expectations were high, especially considering last month was pumpkin cheesecake. Unlike my Co-Editor-In Chief, I do have a sweet tooth, but the name implied something too sweet. Candy Mashup sounded like an overwhelming array of candy I was wrong, though. The ice cream was the perfect flavor. 

The chocolate ice cream was tasty by itself, but the caramel ribbons that accompanied it were what truly made the ice cream exceptional. If you are looking for a yummy, sweet treat, I would absolutely recommend getting a scoop of Candy Mashup ice cream. Overall, this was a taste to wow your tastebuds. I give it a 10/10.