An Informational College Night

On Wednesday, September 11, buses made their way to college night at the Fresno Convention Center Exhibit Hall. College Night provides opportunities for hundreds of students to explore their options. The information given at College Night varies based on interests. There were CSUs, UCs, community, and even private colleges that participated. Not only were there booths of several colleges, but also military information for those who were not interested in going to college right away. 

“I really enjoyed looking at CSU and UC booths, but I liked how College Night had something for everyone,” stated senior Samantha Morales.

In addition to college and military guidance, other after-highschool necessities were provided, such as financial help. Students got a chance to open up a bank account and learn about certain process in regards to any system of their choosing. 

The well organized event had an effect on even the younger students who still have time to explore. Often times students don’t really seek information on their future, but for those who do, College Night was definitely a step in the right direction.

Sujei Lozano, a sophomore, said that she “appreciated how informative the booths really were about so many colleges.”

If students had any further questions, other than what was provided at the surface, they could go to the upper level for more in depth information. 

College Night was a success for many students and any other participants. It put forward and laid out many essential steps to success that many students weren’t aware of.