FALLing in Love with Service

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

With the arrival of this beautiful season, autumn, I’m reminded of the changing of times and of the abundant blessings in my life. 

Each year, as the auburn leaves fall and the air chills ever so slightly, my heart is warmed by the deeper meaning that the fall season carries. Love, gratitude, and charity surround the holidays, and while I admit these qualities should be equally emphasized during the rest of the year, fall especially brings out our giving hearts.

It’s important to realize that this time is about more than going to Hobb’s Grove, carving pumpkins with our boos, or eating turkey on Thanksgiving. While I enjoy a good pumpkin carving as much as the next girl, I find a much greater fulfillment in another fall tradition, giving. 

While many of us are blessed enough to participate in these fun traditions, many others are not as fortunate. Those without family, those without food, or those without hope and support, might find themselves especially lonely or secluded as this season begins. 

Beyond these circumstances, we all have one thing in common, our humanity. This shared humanity demands our right to love and be loved in return. 

In recognizing my privilege, I make it a personal mission to help others have a meaningful holiday season, and just life in general. Volunteering at homeless shelters, organizing clothing drives, or making Thanksgiving meals are just a few things that we all can do to make a small, positive change.

Even being a kinder person at school can impact the lives of our peers, because often the reach of kindness extends much farther than we think.

While I recognize that service is something I hold dear to my heart, it might not be the thing for everyone. However, being a good person is, or at least should be, for everyone. Taking a short amount of our time to help those that need extra love costs us very little, and if anything, gives us the present of a fulfilled heart. 

So go out a carve that pumpkin, eat that ham, and go to that Fall Festival, but remember that the traditions of love and giving are the ones that impact us most deeply and truly.