Carving Our Memories


Yasmine Awad, Reporter

Fall has always been a season full of holidays and family gatherings. I’ve always found joy in fall as it teaches us to appreciate the ones we love and how often we take family for granted. Family time is important for my family, and with fall’s arrival we take the time to create memories. What better way to bring family together than having a pumpkin carved with everyone’s little unique spice, from shapes such as triangles and stars, to a simple smiley face.

A tradition my family and I have done for five years now is pumpkin carving. My four siblings and I each choose shapes to put on the pumpkin. Afterwards we put the pumpkin in the front yard for everyone who walks past to enjoy our creation.

As simple as carving a pumpkin seems, it’s a special activity that holds so much history for my family. Not only does it show our bond, but who we are individually.  

Holidays are for tradition making and cherishing them for years. Even if it’s as simple as carving a pumpkin or having a dinner party every year with the ones you love, holiday traditions are unique for all. Holidays are also a day to forget about the outside world and give thanks. 

I one day hope to carry on my family’s tradition, so my kids get to enjoy a simple activity yet such a bonding moment.