F is for Friends and Family


James Jensen, Reporter

To me, fall holidays are about family and friends. Fall is a time of year when you come together with the people you love to say what you’re thankful for and just have a lot of fun. This is the best time because you are able to talk to family you hardly get to see. Throughout the years I’ve been a part of many holiday traditions. Traditions are important to me because they keep ideas and memories alive. 

The fall holidays are always fun when you spend them with family. Things such as thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s house where we all sit around the table and just have a good time, or going trick or treating with my cousins in Fresno (they have better candy). I remember the times we’d have a haunted house in our front yard. As a kid, I would go to the pumpkin patch with my class and pick up a little pumpkin to carve at home. It was a great feeling when we would volunteer at Christian Cafe on some wednesday. I love to see families eating together and people joking around with each other.

There are other things I do with just my friends though. We’ve gone to each other’s houses for Halloween parties. These are extremely fun because we go trick or treating even though we are way to old for it already. Recently some of our friends got together to watch scary movies. This is a super fun way to spend a “spooky” Saturday night.

One of my favorite traditions is our friend groups “Friendsgiving.” Where we get together and act like a family on a day over Thanksgiving break. We started having it three years ago. It’s a day that we can get together and have fun at one of our houses. Everybody brings their own little thing for dinner, while eating buffet style. We had everyone at the dinner table like a real family. It isn’t just us going over to eat dinner. We also play games like Mario kart or watch a movie. Last year we watched The Greatest Showman after dinner. It was a great way to spend time with the people who mean a lot to me.

Fall is the greatest season to be in because of the memories you make with family, and the time you spend with your friends.