Student Debate: Should California Reopen The Economy?

Yasmine Awad and Simran Dadra

Better Safe than Sorry

By Yasmine Awad 

Since COVID-19 unexpectedly occurred, our normal economy has taken a turn. The economic shift left not only California under lockdown, but the world. This health pandemic has changed the way we run the world. 

The lockdown has caused stirs among many in the world. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order to insure the safety of the people.

This has led protests to increase as people began to become fed up with staying home. In Sacramento, California, protesters held various signs that read, “Faith not fear” and “Paychecks are essential.” With the economic shutdown comes loss of jobs and people not being able to get a steady income since some people live off from paycheck to paycheck. This may be true, but a health-focus always comes first.  

Health is a number one priority since it’s only given to us once. Without good health we aren’t able to reach our individual potential and our personal goals. Good health is needed everywhere for family, work, and school. Health can’t be taken for granted, so for the better of others and yourself, staying inside is the better choice. Also, in the long run staying home will conduct a greater outcome for economic growth after COVID-19. If all we do is focus on people’s frustrations and politics, this will cause an ultimate set back in economic growth/recovery. 

Covid-19 has taken the lives of many and has affected many people. It is spread through person-to-person close contact. Nobody is safe since symptoms are looked upon as a normal cold such as headaches and coughing. Thus the six feet apart rule is set out to make sure the spread of Covid-19 isn’t rapid.

In California alone there have been 67,986 cases with 2,745 deaths and counting.While the United States all in general with over 1,381,150 cases and 81,378 deaths. This shows that the only way to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is by social distancing. So why would we open the economy when the only thing slowing down the spread is distancing yourself from others. Protesting to go back into the economy will more than likely lead to an economic decrease as more people will get infected by Covid-19. If more people become infected, businesses will go out causing a domino effect of an increase in carriers and receivers. Thus leading to an ultimate shut down of not only California, but the United States. 

When we look at all the negative effects versus positive effects it’s clear to see that opening the economy will only cause a greater number of negative effects. Thus concluding that the government shouldn’t open up society and quarantine should be held longer until we reach a climax then downfall to limit illnesses and deaths.  


A Cry For Help: California’s Economy

By Simran Dadra

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on life as the way we know it, the economy is arguably taking the hardest hit.

It has been nearly two months since Governor Newsom issued a stay at home order for the entire state of California, only allowing businesses deemed essential to continue operation. This has led numerous small businesses to close shop during the pandemic, some having to close for good.

With so many businesses out of commission, the economy is hurting. In California alone, the unemployment rate has already risen to 18%. To compare, California’s peak rate of unemployment during the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009 was only 12%. In the short amount of 2 months, COVID-19 has done much worse damage than the largest recession to hit the United States since the Great Depression.

The amount of damage COVID-19 has done to the US economy as a whole in the short span of two months is staggering. Had the damage not been so tremendous, reopening the economy would not be so large of a concern. But it’s time to face reality, as quick as the coronavirus is spreading, the economy is falling down even quicker. The coronavirus has already infected 65,000 Californians yet the deterioration of the economy is compromising the lives of millions more.

Until a vaccination for the coronavirus is discovered, the main concern of the people is to limit the spread of the virus.

With the necessary precautions and modifications, businesses can reopen to undo the damage to the economy while still slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Features such as mandatory face masks, maintaining a distance of six feet from one another, temperature checkpoints, and limited room capacity are examples of minor modifications businesses can implement in order to safely reopen. 

It is possible for businesses to open without endangering the lives of their customers.

However it is not possible for California to remain shut down without intensifying the severity of this economic turmoil. Until businesses are allowed to reopen, the economy will remain on the brink of disaster.

The coronavirus has proven itself to be a deadly disease, however it is killing more than precious human lives, left untreated it will also kill our economy.