Invisibility or Flight


Palak Tohan and Judy Romero

Poof I’m Gone!
By Palak Tohan

“All Eyez On Me,” by Tupac, is a song that would definitely not apply to me if I had the ability to be invisible.
Honestly, I would be the sneakiest person alive. I could literally sneak into Drake’s concerts, simply appear backstage and meet him. Who wouldn’t want that?! Let me know right now because I’ll be waiting if y’all have something to say.
Now knowing Judy, she is all about flying around like the crackhead she tries to be. But is flying really even that great? To be honest, I would throw rocks at her till she comes “flying” down. And guys, she’s literally afraid of heights. She can’t go up one floor without being like, “Palak, omg look how high we are!” GIRL! What good is it if you’re literally afraid of heights?
There is an obvious benefit to becoming invisible. I could hop on a plane and travel to D.C.. Honestly, I would make Sleepy Joe live up to his name by scaring the absolute crap out of him. That would make another great meme of him.
I mean come on guys, a free flight to anywhere you want? Imagine this, I turn invisible in the airport, skip the security checkpoints, and as soon as I board the plane you can see me as I enjoy first class, meanwhile you sit in basic economy. 🙂
Judy is going to say how she could fly to anywhere she wants with her “superpower,” but let me know how she is when a bird knocks her out on the way to Hawaii. On top of that, imagine already having messy hair, just for your superpower to mess it up even more…couldn’t be me, JUDITH.
I know there aren’t any mainstream superheroes that are only known for having the ability to become invisible, but who said I can’t be the next Doctor Strange or SuperPalak?!
Think this: a criminal is stealing money from a bank and I simply trip them or throw a blanket on them and save everyone from being robbed. Amazing concept. Call me Michael Jackson the way I’ma be so smooth with it. Remind me as to how Judy would save someone from getting robbed? Is she gonna fly into the robber and knock them out like a wrecking ball?
Invisibility is absolutely the greater super power. Because of evident advantages such as practicality, security, and the harmless humor of it, invisibility has an edge over flight in many situations. Make the right choices, be safe, be practical, be invisible.

Superman Era
By Judy Romero

Now, let’s be real, when you think of superheroes who comes to mind first? I’m sure you think of Superman. His ability to fly and glide through the air is unmatched. Invisibility? What superhero is invisible? Tell me. And DON’T search it up.
Palak and I argue over many things. Whether a quiz or test was hard or not, how many times a week Castle goes to Costco…etc. In all our arguments Palak always ends up winning (because she eventually hurts my feelings). But, don’t let this fact distract you however, because this is one argument I’m sure I’ll win.
Yeah, flying illegally on a plane might be fun. But, imagine not even having to go through all the trouble of turning invisible and having to walk through security. You simply just think “Hey, Hawaii sounds nice right now,” you get up, you might have to stretch a little, put one hand up above your head, push your feet against the ground, and BOOM you’re on your way to vacation. Not to mention, possibly much faster than a plane.
Flying would give me the ability to go anywhere. I don’t need a car, so no need to fill up my gas tank, which means not having to pay for gas. I also would not have to deal with long traffic. No more stress. Plus, I can fly anytime I want. Although Palak is invisible, she won’t be forever. She’s eventually going to have to become visible again, what if it happens while she’s getting through security? To jail you go, “SuperPalak.”
Knowing Ms. Tohan, she is not going to be a superhero. She’d actually use her power to do quite the opposite of that. She’d rob a bank, prank people, and sneak into the back of Chipotle to make herself a bowl. Me on the other hand, I’d use my power for good.
I’d be Selma’s hero. Oh, your cat is stuck in a tree? I got you. Hmm, you’re late for school? Wrong. You’ll actually be the first one to arrive at class.
There’s a million possibilities. Flying is not only much more efficient, economical but I’d look cool. Maybe I’ll get a little cape and even do a pose when I land. One thing for sure though, flying is much better than invisibility. Palak, stay invisible, and don’t reveal yourself again.