What’s The Best Season, Winter or Summer?


Judy Romero and Avnique Gill

Winter Supremacy

By Judy Romero

Everyone knows that winter is the best season. I don’t know about you guys, but having the option to choose between worrying about how many marshmallows I want in my hot chocolate versus having to worry about the feeling of being sticky and sweaty outside due to the hot weather, I’d choose the hot chocolate in a heartbeat.
Now, I don’t know Avnique well enough to be able to make fun of her and call her out for her poor choice of weather favoritism, but I do know that she travels a lot. Traveling is fun, but definitely NOT in hot weather. I mean, yeah you’re walking around looking at pretty sights, but you’re also trying not to melt in the excruciating heat. I know for a fact that you didn’t pack enough water, so you’re going to have to buy it and let me tell you, water is not very cheap these days.
Something else I have noticed about my rival here is that she’s into fashion. I mean, she was literally in a fashion column for The Clarion. Outfits are much better in the winter. Everyone’s inner fashionista suddenly appears. Although it’s not summer just yet, it’s been really hot recently and I can truly say I haven’t seen an outfit that has caught my attention, whereas in the winter, I myself get inspired by others’ outfits just because they’re that good.
The creativity is endless. You can layer your clothes with things like a sweater, cardigan, flannel or vest. Any of these over a hoodie and you’re good.
Winter is also couple season. It’s when couples can go over to each other’s houses and wear matching PJ’s, bake cookies, build a gingerbread house, watch movie marathons, cook a meal, or even go out. Christmas Tree Lane is almost every couple’s hangout spot this time of year.
The holidays are also a huge reason to put winter over summer. Christmas and New Year’s are always so fun. You get to spend time with family and open gifts (if you celebrate Christmas). For those who don’t celebrate this holiday, I’d say it’s still good for them. They just got free vacations.
Winter will always arguably be the best season. I mean, yeah, it’s cold and whatever, but it’s much easier having to deal with the cold than the heat. I know when I’m cold I just wear more clothes or stay inside and during summer, you almost want to wear no clothes and stay out of the sun, which is a lot harder. Not to mention, summer is when everyone is tested on their hygiene…
Anyways, I hope you side with me on this argument, and not Avnique. I know all you summer babies will agree with her but you know what? I don’t care, I have my own army.

Summer is Better Than Winter.

By Avnique Gill

During the summer, the days are longer, which means you have more time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.
For students, summer will always mean a break from the rigorous world of academics (aka school), paving a great opportunity to travel, relax, and have fun with friends and family. Summer is the time to take a vacation and travel to new places. Whether you’re going on a road trip or exploring a new city, there’s nothing like the adventure of a summer vacation with friends or family.
Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach and soak up some sun. Whether you’re swimming, surfing, or just sitting in the sand, there’s nothing like a day at the beach.
From going to concerts and festivals to hiking and camping, there are so many fun activities to do in the summer.
What other seasons have the best fresh fruits and vegetables, which means you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals all season long.
Here are a few more reasons why summer is better than winter.
From sundresses and sandals to shorts and tank tops, summer fashion allows for vibrant colors and comfortable style! Plus, with so many bright colors and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to express your style during the summer months.
The sunshine and warm weather of summer can be a real mood booster. On a sunny warm afternoon day it’s hard to feel sad. Another reason is the sunlight. It’s a natural source of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones and immune function, and is great for your skin, so if you’re like me and love skincare, summer is literally your time to shine.
Lastly, the drinks! Whether you’re enjoying a cold brew on a hot day or drinking lemonade after a pool day, there’s no shortage of delicious drinks to try during the summer months.
So whether it’s late at night talking to friends or waking up at two in the afternoon. Summer is the best time to forget all the stress in your life and enjoy it!