To be as Tall as Jorge vs. To be as Short as Sakshi

Sakshi Palav and Jorge Guzman

To be as Tall as Jorge

Sakshi Palav

Being short, I have always been able to mix into crowds. I can attract less attention if I stay to myself and between others. I have the ability to shop in the little kids’ section. My life is pretty great. 

However, even with the ability of being a fun-sized person, I would have to say being tall has always intrigued me and even won me over. Don’t get me wrong, being short is great and all, but the knowledge that anyone who is taller than me can look down at any given moment and simply see my scalp breeding with dandruff—man it’s just not fun. 

Imagine being tall. I know I do. I would be able to reach the top aisle and shelf. Oh, what was that? You need someone to get you the peanut butter jar stuck at the back of the top shelf? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Not to mention this would mean never having to jump up and down like a helpless lunatic trying to get the black leaf tea bags at Costco. Think about it. The embarrassing pathways I would retire for good. 

Also, I would be able to find clothes that fit me. Being short, I can shop in the juniors and kids section—and get away with it—but sometimes, a girl just wants to wear something more fashionable and fitting. However, clothes—even the petite and short labeled ones—never seem to be the appropriate inseam length or midriff length. I always just end up swimming in excess fabric. Here, being tall would mean every piece of clothing fitting just right. Pants? They’re the exact length. Tops? Girl, I am rocking them perfectly. Being tall would mean no more sewing inseams and cutting extra-long T-shirts. 

There’s also days where I wish to stand out. If I was tall, I would stand out of the crowd at all times, but that would mean even on days I look questionable. That’s just a small price to pay for being able to always be noticeable and catching everyone’s eyes.  

Being tall has always just been a dream for me. I would be a D1 basketball player—as if—and be able to look over everyone’s heads as I scored. I’d be the 6’2 doctor who everyones intimidated by because why be a pilot, when I could be walking around flaunting this height as a career. Although, the flaunting would just be a bonus aspect. 

Also, very odd detail to include over height, but imagine this. You are in the crowded bathrooms in the dining hall at school. You just want to fix your hair because you can feel it being frizzy and out of place, but there’s already three girls standing in front of the mirror. But, because of your insane height, you are able to see above their heads and fix your hair. Pish, posh, and pin. Just like that, you have fixed your hair and out of that crowned hole AND your food is still warm. 

To be as tall as Jorge would be to be out of the ordinary. Everyone is short, especially me. Being tall would be so fascinating. It would be like living out my childhood dream of dressing as the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. Is being 6’2 considered a giant? I’m not sure, but in my eyes it is. 

Not to confuse you guys, of course I appreciate my height for what it is. It is simple, balanced, and mine, but come on. Being a 6’2 girl? Dang, I’d be able to flick any guy who was mean to my friends or me off this planet. That would be some industrial height. 


To be as short as Sakshi

Jorge Guzman

Imagine being able to fit anywhere you go. Being able to sit comfortably in any airplane you ride on or be suited perfectly for any car. You wouldn’t have to worry about your head hitting the roof when taking a window seat, or accidentally stabbing someone in the side with your elbows when you’re in the middle. Having an uncomfortable ride, whether being in a 400 ton aircraft or regular sized car, is practically a guarantee when you’re a big human, but you have to wash the complaints down with a simple, “It’s fine, I’m cozy.”

The annoyances of being a large human not only apply to airplanes and cars but almost all aspects of life. 

While at the grocery store it’s nice being able to reach everything on the highest shelf and help others with that, but the lowest shelf is where the problem lies. Having to completely bend over to pick something up that everyone else can get with no effort is slightly annoying, but it’s not like you can ask someone to get it for you. As a tall person you are completely able  to do so but it’s still an inconvenience I’d rather avoid.  

Other than shelves, being tall comes with its handful of “responsibilities,” such as having to answer the same questions like “Wow! How tall are you?” or having to silently deal with being compared to a giant when you’re next to someone of average size. You have to learn to simply take the pseudo-compliment with a smile and go about your day. 

On the topic of height, did you know that for certain military aircraft the pilot can not exceed a height of 77 inches? That means that if you are taller than 6’2 your dreams of becoming a fighter jet pilot are long (no pun intended) out of reach. Except for the NBA there aren’t many jobs that require you to be over that 77 inch limit, leaving average height people with more career decisions. If you aren’t looking to be a jet pilot or jockey your height shouldn’t affect your job too much, but finding the proper clothing is something every tall person can’t avoid.

I still struggle with finding pants that properly cover my ankles, and jackets that go down past my waist. Making regular fit jeans look like high waters is not the greatest of feats, but at least I stand out like a lighthouse when the halls get flooded with regular height people.

Maybe being so tall isn’t such a good thing, but ultimately there are two  sides to every coin and I’m not mad at the side I landed on.