DISCLAIMER: This debate might be a bit intense but, we actually love both.


Art by Palak Tohan

Jacqueline Martinez and Lovleen Sahota


By Jacqueline Martinez

Fall is such a comforting and giving season. The leaves crunching as your shoes hit the ground, a fluffy sweater wrapped around your arms as you take a sip and feel the warm pumpkin spice latte (is this really what people drink in the fall…?) trickling down your throat, and getting to enjoy the breeze that comes after such a hot season is the embodiment of fall/autumn. There are so many things that fall offers. Fall is the beginning of many things. College, scholarships, spooky season, pumpkin everything. 

Colleges and scholarships signify a new start for students everywhere, especially seniors. Some may say that fall isn’t the best because of the stress that comes along with all the applications to colleges and scholarships, but after it’s all said and done, it’s a breeze all of fall. You get to enjoy the wonders that come with autumn, like Halloween, for example. It’s in spring when stress arises because you have to worry whether or not you got accepted into the colleges of your choice. 

With spooky season, well, everyone knows that Halloween, WHICH IS IN THE FALL, is one of the best holidays. Carving pumpkins and going to haunted houses with friends brings so much joy and makes memories that will last for a long time. Or unless you’re like me and you’ll probably forget the week after because you have the memory of an 80-year-old but, that’s beside the point. Getting to dress up as freaks of nature and frighten little kids is one the highlights of fall. Alongside that, all the candy you get from trick or treating is amazing.

After that, although I will admit it is highly ignored, Thanksgiving arrives. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you get to spend time with loved ones or just have time for yourself for like one week. All these qualities make fall beyond better than spring. Spring really could never.



By: Lovleen Sahota

Spring, by far, is the BEST season. 

The kitchen is filled with the smell of pastries and delicacies, clear skies, sunsets & sunrises, April rainfalls, and vegetables blossoming in the garden.

 Flowers blooming, birds singing, and children playing in the front yard is all that one envisions when the word “Spring” emerges into a conversation. 

Spring IS and WILL remain the BEST season of all. 

I mean, this season has an exhilarated feeling attached to it that allows you to pause and appreciate the simplest things. 

The sun smiling at you through the window panes is shown to have a positive effect on your mind. The seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons. In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms commence in the fall and continue into the winter months, radiating a negative aura, draining your energy, and making you feel burnt out. A small tip: Don’t ignore that annual feeling as simply a case of the “winter blues” or a seasonal low that you have to figure out on your own. Take steps to keep your mood and motivation steady throughout the year.

For me, Spring is the season that cultivates and prepares us for the transition to adapt from the coldness of the Winter to the warmness of its season. 

Alongside its gravitating and positive energy, Spring brings much more—I mean—the attire is much better. In Spring, the perfect balance is made in what to wear. Just short-sleeves or long-sleeves make the perfect medium. You no longer need to wear the knitted sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Moreover, as the weather alters, it enables an abundance of activities to unravel. Walks, hikes, sports, (road) trips, and many more outdoor activities are best-suited in the Spring. Fall oftentimes has abstract weather which makes it difficult for such activities to take place.

Another point worth noting is that Spring has Spring Break: having a whole week off of school to pause and just breathe.

Fall quite simply could never give what Spring offers. 

Although Fall-Winter & Summer- may believe themselves to be better, I can assure you that, SPRING IS the BEST SEASON of them ALL.