What’s The Better Subject? Math or English?


Contributed by Jayden Barnes

Dashrit Pandher and Jayden Barnes

Why Math is SOOOO Much Better Than English!!

By Dashrit Pandher

Now we’ve all heard the debate about what’s better, English or Math. Well, I’m here to settle that debate: it’s Math. No, no I don’t want to hear any complaints. Math is hands down the superior subject, and I’m here to tell you why. 

In math, you know if you have the right answer or not. There’s  one answer, or a variation of one answer. In English you don’t know if you have the right answer, if there even is a right answer. For math there’s a formula you can follow, and then BOOM! You have an answer. In English, where’s the formula? There aren’t any! Furthermore, in English it’s all subjective, so depending on who’s reading your essay or literary piece, your work could be garbage to them. Math, however, is objective, so no matter who looks at your work, if it’s right, it’s right.

Math is like a system of nature in and of itself, made of multiple patterns. Once you understand one section of the system, it can help you understand the other sections. 

Some may argue that it’s a bunch of numbers and letters mashed together that don’t make sense. It’s not. Math is numbers and letters combined together, but they make sense if you follow the patterns and if you learn section by section. Once you learn a section, and recognize a pattern, it won’t change, but that can’t be said about English. English is just mashing together a bunch of different letters and words in hope of conveying your idea in a way that makes sense to other people. In English, a single word can have more than one meaning, and those meanings change based on the surrounding words. There are no established patterns or sections in English, so how do you learn it, without losing your mind? 

A peer once said, math is like the Eiffel tower. It’s beautiful, but sometimes it’s hard to get around or understand. Math is beautiful, I agree, but I have to disagree with it being hard to get around or understand. Sure, sometimes concepts in math aren’t the easiest to grasp, but with a bit of perseverance you can get it. Once you get the formula or the basics of a concept, you can apply that same idea to other concepts. Math builds upon itself. However in English, it changes from literary to literary piece. The way one might analyze a poem is worlds different than how one may analyze a story. 

Also, math gives us so many wonderful things like phones, computers, buildings, and so many more things. Would you want to live in a world without the amazing creations brought to us by math?

When I visualize math, I see red ink on a white paper. Now red ink often means you did something wrong and it’s terrifying, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the red ink is a praise given to you by your teacher about your amazing work. Similarly, math looks daunting, but it’s not. It’s a former football coach who looks big and intimidating, but is really just a giant sweetheart. Math is the type of person who laughs at his own jokes, and then says he’ll shut up because he doesn’t think anyone thinks he’s funny. News flash, everyone loves their jokes. Yes, sometimes math looks scary, and it can be tough, but it immediately feels bad and apologizes by showing you shortcuts to solve the problem. Math is the teacher who plays music in the beginning of class, and gets flustered when he’s caught dancing.

Now what do you think of, when you think of English? You think of an old man who speaks about as fast as a snail. You think of someone who pauses more times than there are stars in the night sky. English is the teacher who answers simple questions with an hour long lecture, that is completely off base.

All in all, math is hands down the better subject between the two. Math is a comforting soul, that can look scary, but it’s really a dork who wouldn’t hurt a fly.



The Reason why English OUTRANKS Math

By Jayden Barnes

Since the beginning of human intelligence, there has been ultimately one type of skill that we as a species have been able to master: words. With the formation of speech, the human race has been able to evolve further and further into what we are now, the top tier species. Yet, through this skill, many others have been created. One of these being math, the subject that has rivaled its very creator since the very day it was born.

Many people say that math is a superior subject, yet there are many reasons pointing to why this statement is flat out false. With school being the main battleground for this war, we turn to what perks English has. With the inclusion of books, English is everywhere in a school. We saw it when we used to walk the halls, in the textbooks we had under our desks, even on our phones when we snuck peaks thinking the teachers weren’t looking. But what didn’t we see on all of those? math equations. The reason behind this is plain simple; only psychopaths would rather read math equations on a wall. 

Now, I can acknowledge that the enemy, math, may have one or two things that could top English, but even those qualities could be seen as a downfall. For one, math is easier to understand (there aren’t any multiple meanings when it comes to symbols). This is downplayed though by the fact that English has much more mystery through these multiple meanings. Yes, math does require brainpower and written out explanations, but it lacks the compassion and depth behind a simple phrase such as “Nothing beautiful asks for attention.”

When you visualize English as a person, I can say with full certainty that most people think of an aged, wise man. You could say English would be the type of person that expresses his emotions with his hands, pausing when most needed to search for the right words. They might come across as unapproachable at first, but as soon as you talk to him, he open up and become a warm, bubbly personality. English is the type to enter a room and fill it to the brim with tales of its past, these stories bringing a new and fresh perspective. English might be bothered by the glare at times, or might get frustrated by the number of times his jokes fail, but there’s always a charm when it comes to English.

With math, though, oh hoh boy, it’s the total opposite. You get a tall, menacing man that has a past full of violence and arguments (believe me, basketball can get ugly). He might sound like a nice guy, but believe me, math can get scary. Math might happen to come in contact with English every so often, let’s say in a classroom, yet English would always have the wittier and hard-punching comebacks.

When it comes to this age-old question, no matter what side you may be on, one thing may be clear. English has always come before math. Does this make it superior? Abso-freakin-lutely. English brings the soft, comforting side with stories you can dive into and a class you could change for the better in.