Letter To Me

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor/Webmaster

Dear me,
As I’ve reflected over the years of schooling you have completed, it’s made me realize all the things you’re going to miss and all the things you wish you had done.
You used to love the idea of becoming a senior and going to graduation. You used to love the idea of hearing the last bell ring to go home. You used to love the idea of the last day you’d be in high school. Key word, “used” to.
You have now replaced that word with “wish.” You wish senior year wasn’t so close. You wish for that last bell not to ring at 3:25. You wish for a lot of things now. Maybe you should have hung onto those monkey bars in your elementary school years a little while longer. Would it have made time pass a little slower? Maybe you should’ve grabbed onto the next bar instead of going onto the next thing, so that time would stop progressing. Or maybe just maybe, that wouldn’t have worked at all. You wish the smell of wood chips still lingered in your memory. As annoying as it is, you wish you cherished the noise of busy high school hallways or how flooded they would get and how you’d have to find different routes to your classes. If you had walked a little slower through those busy halls of familiar faces, would it have slowed down time too? Maybe, maybe not.
As the months come to a close for your junior year, cherish the time you have left in high school. Don’t take for granted the number of busy halls of familiar faces for they in the future will be filled with the unknown. Don’t take for granted the high school bell because one day you’ll hear it one last time. Don’t forget the experiences you have created in high school and all your favorite people you’ll miss. Don’t forget it.
It’s not to say that you’re not ready for the future, but rather if the future is ready for you. I know you’ll do great in your next chapter and change the impossible. I hope we realize that our time in school has shaped us into who we are, hold on to moments a little longer, and cherish those moments forever.