Moving Out, Moving Upward!

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter

In no time, many seniors will move out to college and leave their homes. Bringing along the essence of your home is pivotal to feeling comfortable while in college. Therefore, you can personalize your dorms or apartments to your own comfort.
It can be perplexing to figure out what to take and not, along with accidentally forgetting some important essentials, so I have compiled a list of dorm essentials you should definitely consider taking.

1. Bed Sheets
2. Pillows
3. Bath Towels
4. Water Filter
5. Floor/ Desk Lamps
6. Refrigerator
7. Wall Decor
8. Fans
9. Laundry Hamper
10. Vacuum
11. Steamer
12. Hangers
13. Storage Boxes
14. Full Length Mirror
15. Food Containers
16. Dishware/ Silverware
17. Can Opener
18. First Aid Kit
19. Medicine
20. Flashlight/ Batteries