Inner Peace

Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

Dear me,
At the time of writing this, you’ve just completed a physics test. You probably just got PTSD from reading that, but honestly, for the first time I truly think you did pretty good. Now this may seem like irreverent information, but it’s just a prime example to show you that everything will be okay. All those days of stress eating, studying and maybe a few tears finally paid off. You only have one more year of high school left. With the time that you have left, try to not be so worked up about every small inconvenience that happens. You’re always so worried about your grades slipping, if you’ll get accepted into college, if you choose the right classes for next year, etc. Try to focus more on yourself. Your mental health as well as sleeping schedule should come first. If it’s really late and you still have a life’s worth of assignments, just know it’s going to be okay. Breathe in, breathe out, and maybe cry a little (I’m not going to lie it works sometimes). You’ll eventually get everything done no matter how late it is. Worried about a test or quiz? You always end up pulling through and doing just fine. Now don’t get the idea that you should start YOLOing everything, but don’t get frustrated or upset over everything. Learn to balance school and your mental health.
Love, me