Gotta Keep an Eye Out for Seleaner


Students participating in a tally marking of who they personally side with.

Avnique Gill and Palak Tohan

As we all know, the rising drama between Selena and Hailey has been bubbling, and it’s HOT. The swirling rumors of a feud between Justin Bieber’s wife and his ex-girlfriend are reaching new heights, and we’re here to deliver the information.
(Heads-up: This article may be based on a true story. How true? No guarantees.)
At the end of February this year 2023, Selena was caught on vacation in a swimsuit. Due to this post she received a lot of hate and of this hate was mostly people body shaming her. Not too long after this happened Hailey posted a video with her friends saying “she got what she deserved.” As this started to circle the internet, people started to speculate the video was towards Selena. However, Hailey received hate for it and soon removed the post. They both publicly came out and stated that they were friends and everything was ok, and everything regarding their relationship was fine.
Hailey then walked the red carpet, holding a magazine of when Selena and Justin were together while wearing an outfit that looked almost identical to an outfit Selena had previously worn. This caused fans to believe that Haley was mocking Selena, however, according to Hailey was not the case
As most know, Selena started her cooking show which takes place in her house, not too long after Hailey started her cooking show in her own home. She says things very similar to what Selena says in her show.
Not too long after in an interview, Selena says she wished people knew her for her heart after being asked the question, “What do you wish more people knew about you?” Later, while Hailey was on Jimmy Fallon, she said the same thing with no content surrounding it. A bit suspicious…no?
Next is when Selena posted a story on Instagram saying how she over-laminated her eyebrows, Hailey and Kylie posted an Instagram story posting their eyebrows, and it was speculated that they were making fun of Selena.
And by now we should all know about Selena’s tattoos: the “J” for her sister behind her ear and the one on her ring finger. As more photos were posted of Hailey, people would see her with almost identical tattoos to Selena in the same spots.
Along with this not only in public but in multiple photoshoots Hailey is seen covering Justin’s Selena tattoo. I mean who wouldn’t cover a tattoo of their boyfriends’ ex-girlfriend… right? However, this was speculated out of proportion saying that Hailey doesn’t like Selena.
Through all this Selena and Hailey haven’t addressed anything in full regarding this. Fans are now arguing with each other over who is in the right here.
What do you think??