Album Review: A Love Letter To You

Nico Colado, Reporter

Trippie Redd’s “A Love Letter To You” is a classic rap album that includes multiple hit songs such as “Love Scars” and “Romeo & Juliet,” to name a few. Backed up by his unique and melodic vocals, Trippie Redd delivers a piece of art that differentiates from your typical Hip-Hop/Rap album.
Nowadays modern auto-tuning is made available to pretty much everyone. Due to this, it isn’t uncommon for an artist to develop their music around it. An example of this is Travis Scott. His music consists of high levels of auto-tune and well produced beats. When mixed together, Billboard’s Top 100 songs welcome him. This pattern can be pointed out in several other artists, except Trippie Redd. Although he may use auto-tune, it isn’t all that he relies on. His ability to hit high notes and echo his vocals distinguishes him from mediocrity.
The third tracklist, “Romeo & Juliet,” is a story of young love. Lyrics such as, “Your love is my medicine” create a sense of romance throughout the whole song. Partnered with a sensual and soothing beat, Trippie Redd executes the perfect song to sing with either your significant other, or in distraught.
Trippie Redd’s music shines light on all emotions. The most impressive aspect of his music, this album especially, is his ability to make the listener truly understand his expressions. The sixth tracklist, “It Takes Time,” is a reflection of his past relationship. Ending on feelings of disappointment and betrayal, Trippie Redd expresses his pain fluently. Many can relate to these feelings which create an environment that provides comfort and understanding.
“A Love Letter To You” wouldn’t be labeled a Hip-Hop/Rap without upbeat music. “Poles 1469” is a collaboration between Trippie Redd and former label partner 6ix9ine. With young influence and style, these two artists made a classic song which at its prime was all over the industry.
Being his debut album, Trippie Redd did not disappoint. However, there are areas in need of improvement just like any other artist. He has released eight rap albums since and is still moving strong in the rap game.