Bears On Campus


Celeste Mariscal, Feature Editor/Copy Editor

What job would you be terrible at and why?


Lacy Vasquez
“I could never be a chef because my cooking skills can use some work.”

Alexis Pacheco
“Construction because I always be dropping stuff.”


Yasmine Abdulla
“A kindergarten teacher because kids get sticky.”

Brando Alvarez
“An artist because I’m failing art.”


America Ruiz
“A life guard because I’d let them drown since I can’t swim.”

Luke Machnik
“An elementary teacher because I wouldn’t be patient enough for kids.”


Destiny Jimenez
“A CNA because I don’t want to change caca diapers.”

Angelberto Segovia
“A teacher because I’m scared of kids.”


Mrs. Zamora
“A referee because as much as I like to yell I don’t think I can take being yelled at.”

Mr. Alvarez
“A type of surgeon because I sometimes crack under pressure.”