Letter to Me

Avnique Gill, Reporter

Dear Myself,
If you’re reading this reflecting on yourself I wish you did a few things differently.
For starters, I wish you would stop worrying about everything that goes wrong and feeling like it was your fault it happened. Every minor thing that happens isn’t your fault.You can’t control what happens to other people, so stop blaming yourself.
I wish you would give yourself a break both mentally and physically. Especially when you know you can’t deal with any more things than you already are. When you’re hurting you need to give yourself a break, your body can only take so much. We need to put ourselves first once in a while and that’s ok. Putting our own needs and problems first is the only way you can help other people.
I wish you weren’t so closed off to people and you would talk about how you feel. You expect yourself to get better and put yourself in a good place when you don’t talk about how you feel. We aren’t invincible, you need to talk to people when you’re struggling.
I wish you spent less time on that one person you thought was “for you” in high school. They don’t matter as much as you think they do. They don’t deserve the amount of energy you put into them. They’ll move on in two hours, while you feel so sad about it and have to listen to your friends telling you they were right about them. Focus on school. I promise you’ll do great things if you do.
Lastly, I wish you would stop worrying about people, what they think or say, do they like me or not. People’s opinions don’t matter where in high school these things 10 years from now won’t matter like you think they do. Who cares what people have to say about you? If they want to talk about you let them know they’re probably thinking about you more than you are. Not everyone is going to like you, you can’t make everyone happy so stop trying to.
Just focus on loving yourself and school and you’ll go so far in life I promise you.