My Biggest Source of Inspiration: My Mother


My Mom and I

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter

Throughout my life, the woman who has impacted me the most has been my mother. Her advice has held a pivotal role in my life, as she is the most closest to me. Her experiences have shaped her life and that is something I’ve looked up to and regarded when making decisions for my future.
My mother and I are both the oldest siblings in our families. I acknowledge her position and compare it with mine today. Some of the pressures and fears my mom faced being the oldest child reside within me currently. She had to learn how to handle her entire house while her dad was away at work. She had to take care of her younger siblings while paying attention to her studies. From a young age, my mother had three times the responsibilities I have now. I look up to her strengths and admire all she has done for everyone. Being the oldest, I still have a multitude of responsibilities and pressures, like setting an example for my younger siblings. My siblings ask me for help and advice for school or knowledge regarding their future, so I need to prepare myself for that. My siblings can look up to me for answers, whereas I would have to look up to my parents. I’m blessed to have great people to look up to and admire.
My mother is a motivating person. She has goals set for me and further pushes me for my future plans. I’m grateful for this source of motivation as at times my motivation takes a downturn and I need hers to recuperate. I exhibit her traits as I’m also an optimistic and motivated person. I don’t give up easily and she is the reason behind it. Whether it is participating in something or being confident about something, she encourages me the most. It goes vice versa because I instill courage in her when she procrastinates to get her things done.
I hope to be as inspiring and impactful as my mom. I’m keen to help others, and I’d love to incite courage and strength in others so they can be the best version of themselves. It’s all about giving and receiving. Inspiration is a source that can help you achieve something with determination. I would wholeheartedly appreciate taking that inspiration from my mother and instilling it across as many people as I’m able to.