Bears On Campus


Mr. Teran

Lovleen Sahota, Co-Editor in Chief/Editorial Editor

What is your current favorite song and why?


Lainey Davis
“Part of your World by Jodi Benson, because I’m in a lot of musicals and it’s special to me.”

Alan Mariscal
“Jimmy Cooks by Drake, because my friends like it.”


Kassandra Diaz
“The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar, because it takes me back to summer.”

Angel Pacheco
“Gangster Boo by Ice Spice, because it’s a vibe.”


Alyssa Vasquez
“Endlessly by Omar Apollo, because it relaxes my mind and it’s just a warm song.”

Eric Pineda
“Pyramids by Frank Ocean, because the beats are really good.”


Kayla Diaz
“Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky, because it has good lyricism and Rihanna’s in the music video.”

Emmanuel Reyes
“Sonata No. 14 ‘Moonlight’ by Beethoven, because it’s calming.”


Mrs. Pena
“Play at your own Risk by African Lambada, because it reminds me of the 1980’s and break dance.”

Mr. Teran
“Colombia by Aymee Nuviola, because it has so much energy and she has a great voice.”