Improving Myself Over Time

Ashley Ruiz, Reporter

I tend to wonder how time might change and affect me. As time passes, I hope to achieve many of my goals. In the future, I want to become a better person overall and also improve my mindset. I hope to achieve this by slowly working on myself. I should prioritize myself over anything else. As of right now, I put other things before me and tend to push myself aside. I should learn to think about myself more often. Yes, life comes with responsibilities like school, but I hope to learn how to not stress myself too much over small things. I should look at things overall and see that simple, small things won’t matter so much in the future. I tend to worry about small things when there are other things I should be worrying about. I hope I can push myself to look at everything and not feel so stressed. I want to learn to cope with things differently. I want to find a better way to look at things and feel good about taking on them as a task. I want to have a positive attitude towards everything, especially things dealing with improving myself. Time has always been a struggle for me, not being able to always realize how quickly it rushed by. I want to be able to take advantage and appreciate the time I have. I hope to be more proud of my achievements. When I achieve anything, I tend to look at what I could have done better. I should learn to just be proud of myself for what I did. I am always thinking about whether my parents will be proud of me and satisfied with my actions. They are always happy with me over even the smallest achievements. I tend to be too hard on myself, to the point where it gets exhausting. I want to change this bad habit of mine and be more calm. I want to face things differently. I want to see things piece by piece and not all at once. Taking a look at everything overall can be very overwhelming. Overall, there is still so much I can work on to make myself a better person. There is always room for improvement, especially becoming stronger mentally.