Idols Shaping Idols


Dr. Donaldson

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter

Working at Selma High for 30 years, Mr. Mitchell has experienced a great deal to get to his position today. He has taught multiple positions at Selma High School, starting with Biology then moving on to Physics and AP Calculus today. From knowing him either as a Geography, Algebra 1 or an AP Calculus teacher, students have learned from and even considered Mr. Mitchell as a source of their inspiration. With Mr. Mitchell’s influence on many students today, it shall be known that he has had multiple people that have shaped his life as well.
Mr. Mitchell’s Physics professor, Dr. Donaldson has impacted him the most. It’s unlikely to have a professor who’s not only dedicated to teaching their subject but also considerate of their students, which Mr. Mitchell observed in Dr. Donaldson.
“Dr. Donaldson was very caring and understanding,” said Mr. Mitchell. “He was always there for you as someone you knew you could count on and trust.”
Mr. Mitchell expressed that college brings many hurdles along the way and there is always a need for guidance. In high school, the student-to-teacher ratio is lower, and by constantly interacting with their teachers every day, students expect to see the same in college.
From football coaches to teachers encouraging Mr. Mitchell, he still implements Dr. Donaldson’s teaching style as a teacher today.
“I was a mischievous kid, very negative as I went through some rough times,” Mr. Mitchell mentioned. “Dr. Donaldson’s positive influence was impactful.”
That positive influence is reflected in Mr. Mitchell today and his willingness to understand his students.
“I try to be inspiring, help others wherever they are to help them move forward, to the positive direction they seek.”
This influence is seen in his former students. Working in almost all of the math positions at Selma High School over the past three decades, he has seen his students grow and become math teachers themselves. Some of his former students that are teachers here at Selma High School include Ms. Carrillo, Algebra 1 and Math 3 Honors teacher, and Mrs. Nieves, Math 2 and Theatre Arts teacher. They are in positions Mr. Mitchell stood at one time. He hopes to inspire other students like them to reach for their potential.
One thing Mr. Mitchell wants all students to know that he’s always there to help them. It’s important to ask for help.