The People We Meet


Some of the people I have met so far.

Donna Rubio, Reporter

My parents are the primary contributors that have led me to be the way I am today. The lessons my parents have taught me through my mistakes, the values they have ingrained into me, and the love they have given me, are the things that have undeniably formed my character. Although my parents have had a grand role in the way I’ve turned out, there are also other constituents. The people I have met along the way are also a piece of who I am.
The teachers I’ve had throughout my school years have also contributed to who I am. The education they have provided me with is one factor that has had an impact on my personality. They have helped me build on my desire to be academically outstanding. Aside from academic matters, these teachers also impact me in other ways. Some of their thoughts on certain topics are so clear and thorough that they make me wonder beyond my initial thoughts. Their wise experience shines light on concepts that perhaps may be related to the subject at hand, but also leave a leverage for bigger issues in my daily-life.
Unlikely encounters have turned into friendships. Sometimes, you don’t take notice of people you go to school with everyday. Less likely you are to know the possible effect they could have in your life. Not too long ago I had one of these experiences. Some people I’ve had in my class for years, some only for a semester; I never thought that I’d be as close to them as I am today. A trip changed us from strangers in close proximity to friends. It hasn’t been too long since we’ve become friends, but their impact is evident in my life. Time is not relevant in cases like these. It doesn’t matter if people have been in my life for years or a few months. The difference they’ve made in who I am is clearly perceivable. Though it takes time for these changes to be visible on the surface, deep down I know there has been a positive shift in my life.
To say that my parents are the biggest influence in my character would be the simplest and probably most accurate way to put it. However, I believe that the people I have in my life, either because of fate or by choice, equally contribute to who I am. An exchange of only a few words, as small as it may have seemed to others, could have meant a lot to me. No encounter in my life is smaller or bigger than the other. Everyday I evolve into a truer version of myself. To say that it is all caused by one or two people would not be true. My personality is in a state of constant change. Though the relationships I have with friends and family vary significantly, they are equal in value to the positive changes they’ve brought into my life. The way I outgrow my past self is not dependent on a person alone, but on the connections I build in life.