Dribbling Through Life


Masielle Pantoja dribbling past her opponents.

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor/Webmaster

Soccer, the game that consists of kicking a round ball and scoring goals. As simple as it is, it has never been just a game to me.
I never knew how much playing a sport could change a person and have an effect on them. For me, it was choosing to play soccer at the age of seven. I’ve been playing for ten years now and it has been the best decision I’ve made since. I have not only been able to make friendships along the way, score goals and make assists but it has given me traits that have shaped me to who I am today.
Since then, I have gained different skills that have led me to the person I have become.
One, being leadership. I earned the spot of becoming captain of the varsity soccer team in which I assist and guide my teammates through thick and thin. I’m there to uplift them when we fail and rise with them when we succeed. I use this leadership on and off the field. As I spread my creativity on the field, I also use my creativity in writing or as I communicate with teammates, I communicate with those in need of guidance. As well as problem solving when there’s something that needs to be changed on the field like positions or little mistakes, it’s the same skill I use when having trouble with math. I always try to find a solution. It has molded me into a person who brings out the best in people and a person with an inspiring vision.
Playing this sport has also led the way for me in becoming a teamplayer. I’ve learned to work well with others due to my experience of playing on a team that relies on cooperation, communication, and delegation.
Another one that I have gained is that of perseverance. It has taught me to exceed the ups and overcome the downs in life. Just like soccer, even when you’re down a goal, you keep working hard to win the match. In life, I have learned that even in difficult situations, I must continue to work hard to overcome any obstacle in my way.
Soccer has not just been something fun to do but it has played a big role in shaping me into who I am today. This sport that I love has helped me become a responsible leader, a team player, and a determined person.