Harry, I’m Home!


Yarektzy Navarro, Reporter

Harry Styles, the most attractive man in my opinion, held his biggest tour in the last 12 years that he has spent touring. I had the blessing to go to night 7 out of his 15 night-long tour. Held in the Kia Forum, the beautiful and thoughtful decoration throughout the stadium was an eye catcher. From a big “Harry’s House” sign to greet his fans, to his big “Love On Tour” picture sign, all of the walls at the Forum had pictures up of Styles’ past concerts held there for fans to pose with.
Walking into the concert I was greeted by many attractions such as merch (which was so overpriced but I still went crazy at it) and delicious drinks named after songs of his. I had been waiting for this moment ever since the last time I saw him and I was so nervous, I couldn’t even drink or eat anything. Of course he would never notice me, but still, let a girl dream! Entering the arena I instantly felt comfort from the environment, as people who I didn’t even know started conversations instantly. From boa feathers all over the place, to bright and sparkly outfits, everyone was dressed up in his style.
Around 9 p.m. the intro of his entrance song started playing, I instantly felt my heart drop. Him popping up from the middle of the stage, instantly he was so jaw dropping I’m not even going to lie—I cried. Dancing and yelling, I blocked out everyone as I was living in my own dream. Styles would take a moment of the concert to interact with his fans with irrational questions and posters for him such as “I broke up with my boyfriend before this” which brought laughter to him. Everytime he would come to our side I would just start screaming my lungs out, my boa was literally falling onto the floor from all my movement.
When the songs were funkier, his performance felt more full. I’m thinking “Late Night Talking,” and also “Cinema,” both from the new album. They brought such an erotic energy to the stage. I also liked what he did with “Adore You,” melting the chorus into more of a restrained tease. But when he went into a more serious mood, like on “Matilda,” the air in the room definitely felt heavier.
He put so much emotion to his songs making it seem that he put his heart and soul into singing. Most artists seem so bothered and bored when being on stage, but Harry however, had something else. Musically, at least, I’ve rarely ever seen someone more confident in their ownership of the stage. The way he would be so charismatic and flirtatious toward the audience reminded me of a 70’s rockstar. The two hours being in his “home” were the most remarkable moments that I could ever cherish, a place where he wanted all of us to “feel free to be whoever it is that you’ve always wanted.”
Overall this was such an amazing concert that I would definitely see him everytime he comes back to Los Angeles, rating it a 1000000/10. Not only is Harry a man of surprises but a man that truly doesn’t compare to any other.