Driving-Thru Embarrassment

Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

Hi guys! We all have our fair share of embarrassing moments, especially those involving a drive-thru…right? Anyways, now let it be clear that I am not a regular at KFC. I was just magically craving it that day. So, my dad and I hopped in the car and zoomed off. Conveniently, my sisters wanted pizza the same day, so me and my dad had to make two stops. We stopped at KFC first and I ordered a side of mac and cheese because why wouldn’t I?
After getting my order it was now time to head off to Little Caesars. The smell of the mac and cheese filled the car and I could not hold back any longer. As I looked for it, I realized… (Gasp!) I didn’t have one. I pulled out the receipt and noticed that they did in fact charge us for the side of mac and cheese. I told my dad and, let me just say it’s a miracle he didn’t sue the place.
He drove back and took me inside to complain about the missing side dish. I showed the cashier and she nicely said she’d give me another one. Her co-worker then comes and asks what she’s doing. “You guys forgot her mac and cheese,” she said. Mind you, my dad was already tapping his foot ready for me to receive my side and I was quite literally starving.
With the straightest face ever known to man her co-worker answers, “It’s under the fries.”
I stood there stunned, I swear time stopped for a good five seconds because the whole restaurant went quiet. I quickly answered “thanks” and I never ran so fast in my life.
If there’s anything good I learned from this, it’s to never check for the KFC mac and cheese so you can get an extra one. (The lady ended up giving one to me for free, so thank you…)