Movie Review: A Look Back In Time


Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

Netflix movies tend to have a bad reputation. They are said to have bad acting, lousy storylines and second hand embarrassment dialogue. On my search for a movie review, I stumbled upon a movie that may contradict this.
The Adam Project is a Netflix original film that follows Adam Reed and his younger self. Yup, his younger self. You know what that means…confusing time traveling and multiverse extravaganza.
The movie takes place in 2022, the year projecting Adam’s younger self. At this time he is twelve years old and had just experienced the death of his father. He gets into fights with bullies at school and lives with his single mother.
The void that Adam’s dad left behind because of his death now has his mother looking for a new chance at love. While she goes out on a date, young Adam is left alone with his dog, Hawking, who becomes alert and runs into the woods. Almost immediately, Hawking runs into a shaft and has a reunion with… (drum roll please) older Adam, arriving from the year 2050. Now, 2050 Adam has 2022 Adam help him discover the cause and debunk the mystery behind the disappearance behind Adam’s wife, Laura Shane.
This movie for me was an absolute 10/10. The Canadian producer, Shawn Levy, did a perfect job with the cast. This included Ryan Renolds as 2050 Adam, Zoe Saldaña as Laura, Mark Ruffalo as Adam’s father, and Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mother.
The overall storyline is accompanied with humorous and heartwarming moments. With a movie like this, it’s no surprise that the film reached over three million views in its weekend debut.
So, will Adam find out what happened to his wife? What about his dad? Did he have anything to do with it? Am I secretly a Netflix producer who is advertising this film? Who knows?