Kennedi’s Beautiful Kreations


Avnique Gill, Reporter

Need a flower bouquet for a friend or a loved one? Well, a sophomore at Selma High School has just what you need.
Kennedi Carrasco has a floral design business that has a variety of styles and options you can choose from. This goes from custom, or small bouquets for a significant other, or larger ones for quinceañeras and parties. Kennedi’s Kreations has it all.
Carrasco started her business on March 26th, 2022. She was inspired to start her business due to a seemingly easy and fun way to make money for herself while doing something she enjoyed.
“I wanted to do a hobby that benefits me and is fun to me,” Carrasco says.
Carrasco says that building her business was a really fun and exciting experience for her. Her brother helped with creating logos for the business and designed signs for her. Carrasco is always promoting her business, whether that be by posting her arrangements or making signs.
Her next step in the business is to spread her account to even more people, and even start delivering to other towns.
If you need unique and handmade bouquets for any type of event, make sure to hit up @kennedis.kreations on Instagram.