November’s Flavor of the Month: Cookie Butter


Lovleen Sahota and Celeste Mariscal

Celeste Mariscal

The Fall season has finally come through the year! Baskin Robbins enters the month of November with an enjoyable sweet flavor of Cookie Butter. The ice cream fulfilled its appearance this time. The flavor is vanilla with butterscotch and teddy bear graham crackers that kicks off with a cinnamon taste. There was no awkward crunch of the cookies with the ice cream creating the softness of the bite. It definitely gives off a Rory Gilmore moment into the fall weather. I am not one with a sweet tooth and I enjoyed this month’s ice cream. I rate it a 8/10!

Lovleen Sahota

The leaves are changing! And, with that, the month’s flavor has changed [thank god, because October’s flavor was not it]. That’s a reason to celebrate! This November, Baskin-Robbins is calling those with sweet tooths to celebrate fall with a scoop of the flavor of the month, Cookie Butter. In this scoop, cookie butter and vanilla with mixed swirls and crumbles of delicious teddy graham crackers can be tasted! Needless to say, this ice cream can be the epitome of Gilmore Girls and fall!! Full of the sweet and spiced flavors-like cinnamon- you love, your taste buds will thank you after every spoonful!! I give it a 9/10!!