Bears on Campus


Mrs. Carrillo

Donna Rubio, Reporter

What is your favorite smell?


Shalia Perez

“Coconut. It smells tropical.”

Jayden Bernardino

“I like the smell of watermelon because it’s sweet.”


Aaliyah Barrita

“Chocolate chip cookies because they smell good.”

Edgar Ruiz

“I like the smell of pizza because I like the smell of pepperoni.”


Simran Kaur

“Lavender because it calms me when I am stressed. I love the smell of most flowers.”

Andrew Becerra

“Victoria Secret perfume because it smells sweet.”


Melina Renteria

“A rose, because even though it’s not that strong, it reminds me that life is beautiful even amidst trouble, and even if something is simple, it can be beautiful.”

Eduardo Trujillo

“Chocolate Abuelita because it reminds me of home when I had hot chocolate from Mexico.”


Mrs. Carrillo

“I’d say my favorite smell would be wet pavement. Like when it rains and you go out of the door and it smells. I love that smell, especially in the fall.”

Mr. Johnson

“Little baby heads, it’s the best smell in the world.”