A Glimpse of Familiarity: Mrs. Nieves’ Life Outside of Work


Mrs. Nieves

Taneisha Martinez, Reporter/Photo Editor

Education, the most influential part of society, can’t be executed without a teacher. Teachers deliver meaningful assets to the construction of tomorrow by providing the knowledge and stimulation that youthful minds seek. They play some of the most significant functions in society, as they equip nations with their future leaders and employers.
Yet one question lingers: how well do we know our educators, with whom we interact day-to-day? Too often do we overlook them, failing to acknowledge the existence of the lives they bear that reach beyond school grounds. Nonetheless, it is necessary to recognize that our educators live as humans too, and not just schoolteachers.
Katharina Nieves, Formally known as Mrs. Nieves is the Selma High Math 2 and theater instructor. She has worked at Selma High School for over thirteen years. Although her dedication to her career is evident, it is not her sole forte in life.
On a regular day, after leaving work, she arrives home and assists her daughters with their schoolwork. She makes dinner and drops them off at dance practice and usually utilizes that little time of independence for herself.
“I try to relax after that and maybe do some coloring. I love to color,” said Nieves.
Mrs. Nieves lives a dynamic and busy life. Abiding for children and being married are not effortless duties.
Despite operating with individuals all day, Mrs. Nieves can’t seem to get enough of it.
“I like to spend time with people, doing anything,” said Nieves. “Even if it is just going out to eat with someone or going to walk around stores or something.”
She is also a very vulnerable and passionate person. Having to work in a place like a school requires limitations of it; though, for her, it seems to perform nicely, as it makes her function ably.
“I care a lot about the things that I do,” said Mrs. Nieves. “I get really excited about them.”
She is a very devoted individual, not just in her passions but also in those around her. “I care a lot about people.” she expresses. “I am okay with sharing when I have a difficult time. I think that it’s important to be honest about the ways that we are feeling so that we can process those emotions together.”
Another significant pursuit she relishes doing in her free time is travel.
“My family and I travel a lot to Mexico.” Nieves voiced. “My mother-in-law lives in Mexico, so we go to visit her and friends who live down there. And, at some point I would like to do a lot of traveling, because I like exploring new places.”
For the most part, Nieves has numerous hobbies that require a considerable amount of time and practice. One of which specifically she wishes to partake in more.
“I play the piano.” stated Mrs. Nieves. “I wouldn’t say super proficiently, but I can play anything with a chord sheet.”
Nevertheless, It’s hard to disconnect life and work when the two are so closely bound together. Mrs. Nieves harbors an adoration for teaching that’s so immense, it is fundamental to her life.
“I love theater, I love acting and directing musicals, and shows. It’s a big part of my life even outside of school,” said Mrs. Nieves.
“I love what I do. I mean, I’m here as a teacher because I love doing it,” she adds. “This has always been my first goal and my first plan, so I’ll probably be here until I retire.”
Once again, it’s important to remember that our teachers are raw and plain individuals that deserve to be regarded as such. The information provided doesn’t even disclose half of the life Nieves holds outside Selma High’s campus. After all, teachers have pursuits and interests and live entire lives that exceed outside of their job that they deserve to preserve privately.