Mrs. Martinez’s Foreword to Selma High


Mrs. Martinez

Taneisha Martinez, Reporter/Photo Editor

Sports medicine is the field that bridges both science and health together. It represents the department that deals with physical fitness and the treatment of injuries related to sports or exercise, while also assisting in their prevention. Sports medicine instructors work with students, providing them with treatment and rehabilitation. Allowing them to better understand their bodies by supplying them with knowledge and support.
This year, this course of education has been introduced to Selma High, with Sarah Martinez, as the new Sports Medicine educator.
Before arriving at Selma High, Mrs. Martinez studied at Grand Canyon University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in science and athletic training. Since then, she began working in a physical therapy clinic, where she had not been concerned with kids as extensively as she is now. Soon after, Mrs. Martinez commenced serving in a limited private school with a subordinate population. Providing her with four years of experience and familiarity in the field.
Mrs. Martinez advanced to Selma High in hopes of reaching out and endorsing sports medicine to and for the individuals and students who have never heard of it.
“I want to be able to advocate for Sports Medicine, and educate and teach others about the profession and all that it has to offer,” said Martinez, “and allow kids to come and learn and become educated on injuries or the field of sports medicine, and help them better understand their body.”
Although Martinez is excited about her new position and takes pride in aiding students receive the most education possible, it has been hard to adjust to the new environment. Selma High is diverse, and it carries a large population of Hispanics and non-English speaking students. For Mrs. Martinez, this was a significant shift in environment, which only added to the overwhelming worries she underwent.
“Sometimes you have to get past a language barrier here, which is not a bad thing, but I just have to educate myself so that I can better talk to parents or students that don’t speak English.” said she, “It’s been a challenge but it’s also been super great to know a bunch more kids than I’ve ever gotten to know.”
Despite the complications, her experience has not all been negative. On the contrary, she attests to have been enjoying and appreciating her time here.
Mrs. Martinez is pleased with the way the school itself has supported her and eased her into her current position. She voiced her gratitude for all the assets Selma High’s admin, and staff have given her.
“It’s been pretty good, having a supportive admin and staff around the school has helped with that transition and just knowing that, if I ever have questions, there are tons of people around here that are willing to help, has been very helpful.”
Mrs. Martinez finds that the best thing about her position has to do with the manner in which she interacts with students.
“My favorite thing is being able to be out with the sports and interacting with kids not just in the classroom but outside the classroom,” she said. “With the sports medicine class, the kids are required to do hours outside, so it gives me the opportunity to work with them on the field, versus just lecturing or talking with them in class.”
This year, Mrs. Martinez wishes to allow others to get to know her better and decipher how she works. She is looking to set her standards down for the school and students to accommodate and ease down to her form of education and training.
“I look forward to being able to form those positive relationships and hopefully grow my own sports medicine program,” she adds.