New Welcome to Selma High


Mr. Shao

Yarektzy Navarro, Reporter

This school year, after returning back to school from an enjoyable summer break , Selma High School has continued to expand its growing family not only by students but with new staff members around as well. Selma High welcomes Mr. Shao as a new mathematics teacher.
Although it is his first year being here on campus, he is enjoying his time having the position as a teacher .
“I love the curriculum and instruction support I got from other math teachers. I love the small town feel,” expressed Mr.Shao
Mr. Shao attended Orosi Reedley High School at his young age. Right after graduation he decided to attend Merced College. Shortly after attending CSU Stanislaus as well.
However, Mr. Shao originally wasn’t going for the field of a mathematics teacher, but as a history teacher. Eventually, his passion for math caught up to him.
“Initially I studied to be a history teacher, but my love for mathematics has never gone away. So, when the opportunity came to switch to teaching math, I jumped on it,” explained Shao.
Before coming to Selma High, Mr. Shao worked in Reedley for 10 years teaching economics and business in various colleges as well as in highschool, helping those who need credit recovery.
“I taught Economics and Business courses at Reedley College, Merced College, and Madera College (off and on) for the last 15 years. I was teaching at a credit recovery public charter high school at Madera for the past 5 years,” explained Shao.
He is familiar with the area since he has lived in Reedley for almost a decade.
Being a new student to a new school is very hard to adapt to, revealed Mr. Shao. Just like any individual finds it difficult to adapt to a new environment. He does enjoy the energy Selma High brings out as a whole and the traditional spirit days we have.
“It is very different from my previous employment. I am loving it so far and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I like the enthusiasm of the spirit and dress out days.”
At times He does feel overwhelmed at times but knowing that there were others in his spot before, he finds comfort that it’s normal to feel like this, it’s a brand new experience and school. “I feel very helpless because it is just a new school and new subject. Fortunately, the math
department is amazing.” he adds
As the years pass, SHS grows bigger and bigger, in staff as well as in students.