Encouraging Struggling Students


Mr. Gallardo

Nathaniel Marroquin, Reporter

Selma High is introducing Mr. Gallardo as one of its newest faculty members this year. A resource manager/case specialist and also a Sanger native, Mr. Gallardo teaches three transition classes for kids who need help keeping their grade up or need extra help in certain classes.
“Our primary focus is just to make sure that the students I work with succeed”, he says about his classes.
Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Gallardo was an after-school program teacher and later began coaching for the school sports teams.
“While I was coaching I got offered to become an instructional aid in the classroom. That’s when I ended up liking teaching and I was actually working in an RSP classroom so I decided to go back to school to finish my credential program and when I finished my credential program, I decided to pursue teaching,” he said while explaining his path toward becoming a teacher. Coming to Selma High, Mr. Gallardo has found very few challenges. “The only challenge has been memorizing everyone’s names and getting lost on campus since I’m still new to the campus so if you give me a random classroom I probably don’t know where it’s at,” he remarked.
Despite the small drawbacks, Mr. Gallardo loves the culture at Selma High. He finds the involvement between staff and students to be close and welcoming as opposed to being distant and unwelcoming like at other schools.
“What I really like though is when I’m walking down the hallway and I see all these positive messages on the wall. It’s great because no matter what kind of day it is for me, I see the messages and it kind of reminds me that today will be a good day. I think it’s just a positive influence throughout the entirety of the campus too,” he explained.
Mr. Gallardo is honored to be a part of Selma High’s welcoming campus culture and has nothing but respect for the school. Apart from teaching, Mr Gallardo coaches soccer, baseball, softball, and is a San Francisco Giants fan and a Dallas Cowboys fan.