Bear Comes Back Home


Mr. Berry

Dayanara Yepez Ramirez, Reporter

With the new school year, Selma High School has welcomed a lot of new staff. One of these is Mr. Berry, a new 9th grade math teacher. Although new at teaching math here, Mr. Berry has actually been coaching football for a while now.
“I’ve been coaching at Selma for about 10 to 12 years,” he expressed. Even more so than that, he actually graduated from Selma High back in 2004.
“It felt like home,” Mr. Berry affirmed, when asked why he chose Selma. Surprisingly enough, he’s even gotten the chance to see, and now work with, teachers who used to teach him.
However, this bear hadn’t always known that he’d be returning. Initially, he had attended college at Reedley and then Fresno State to study criminology, before turning his sights to being a teacher. Even after choosing teaching as his career path, he ended up working at Visalia doing PE for nine years.
Transitioning from teaching PE to teaching math, has been an exciting experience for Mr. Berry.
“The best part is seeing the students everyday. With PE I only saw them twice a week because I was doing elementary. Being able to see the same kids over and over and being able to just learn about them has probably been the best thing,” he proclaimed.
Overall, Mr. Berry is very thrilled for the new school year. Math has always been something he’s enjoyed, so he’s hopeful to prepare his students for next year.