Curing Selma High With Comfort: Mrs. Vasquez


Mrs. Vasquez

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter/Photo Editor

One of Selma High’s new healthcare workers this year, Mrs. Vasquez, is exhilarated to work back at the school she was once a student. She enjoys working with young adolescents. Mrs. Vasquez was inspired to be the best advocate for her patients and make them feel comfortable with her help. Therefore she chose this position.
Prior to coming to Selma High, Mrs. Vasquez studied at Kaplan College for medical assisting and just recently went back to Reedley College for her Associate’s degree in Biological Sciences. Mrs. Vasquez has been working as a medical assistant for approximately ten years now and worked at Abraham Lincoln Middle School before joining Selma High. Not many people know that she’s also pursuing her career as a Registered Nurse right now. Her experiences manifest that her interests in the field of medicine are profound.
“My favorite part about working as a healthcare assistant is being able to help people out when they need it and to be that extra support person for them,” conveyed Mrs. Vasquez.
Her personality is discerned in her job and she hopes to be a cushion of comfort for everyone. The challenging part for her is when she isn’t able to do more for her students as she would like to.
“Every year is different. Our students are constantly changing starting with personalities, friendships, and more,” expressed Mrs. Vasquez.
A new year means new changes and Mrs. Vasquez is ready to accept these changes. She wants everyone to know that the nurses are there to help the students, and if they can’t, they will nevertheless lead them in the right direction.