Assisting Needs: Mrs. Celedon


Mrs. Celedon

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter/Photo Editor

Mrs. Celedon is working as one of the new healthcare assistants this year at Selma High. She volunteered at Jackson Elementary for Covid-19 assistance and took upon this open opportunity.
“Working at a school is super different compared to where I used to work at,” expressed Mrs. Celedon.
So far, her year’s going fantastic. Nevertheless, she gets limited from doing her duties at times, such as when a student comes into the office in need of medication with their parents, not at home. As a result, she cannot accommodate all students as she would love to.
Mrs. Celedon studied at San Joaquin Valley College for medical assistance. She then studied at West Hills College Coalinga, where she’s currently getting her license. With that, she’s going to conclude three to four years in this position and approximately eight years as a medical assistant. As she’s focused on psych tech and mental health, she aims to support people in need of assistance.
“For the most part it’s been relaxing, a lot of ice packs and band-aids. It has slowed down since Covid-19, so not much Covid-19 testing which is good,” mentioned Mrs. Celedon.
Furthermore, Mrs. Celedon expects a smooth year without masks and covid restrictions this year. She aspires to see everyone sprung loose from the confines of Covid-19 mandates and meet new students with their unique personalities. She enjoys hearing their humorous stories manifesting her interests in this field.
Along with this, many people don’t know that Mrs. Celedon has two kids: two sons. Her kids have inspired her to take upon this position as she’s with them whenever they need her. Mrs. Celedon was a Selma High student, so she finds it peculiar now walking the halls as a new staff member. Besides that, she listens to alternative metal music.