An Open Opportunity


Mr. Francis

Ashley Ruiz, Reporter

Starting a new year in a new environment can offer many new opportunities. Mr.Francis’ first year has brought him many new experiences. Francis decided to move to Selma High. This will be a new beginning for him in his life. He took this opportunity to teaching and coaching at a new place.
“I saw a good opportunity to step in and be around high school and football,” stated Francis.
Francis had a chance to do what he loves: teaching, being around kids, and football. Although it is a new start here at Selma High School, it is his fourth year in this position. Francis is looking forward to a positive, fun, and safe environment for this school year. Francis hopes for this school year to be overall a great experience. During this year Francis can build new relationships as he meets many new people. Francis wants to build a good learning environment for him and his students around him.
“My expectations are to have a positive year, build new relationships with my students, and just create a fun, fair, safe and learning environment,” expresses Francis.
Building new relationships with students can also come with downsides. One of these downsides for Francis is remembering faces. Francis struggles with remembering faces of his students. New places and new surroundings can take a while to get used to. This may take a while for Francis to get used to. Eventually he will get better at this and memorize faces or names.
“It’s a new subject, I used to teach PE so it’s just a new field for me, I’m not used to being in a classroom all day, I mean I’m used to it now but it took some time getting used to,” says Francis.
Francis is very involved with all that he does. On a daily basis he helps set up for football and makes sure everything is going well. He then goes to his classroom and sets up for Edgenuity. Francis’s edgenuity class helps students catch up on what they need. They are able to receive help and support. Although Francis has been teaching, it will take time for him to get used to since this is a new environment for him.
“It’s definitely different than what I was used to, but I think it’s going good. It’s fun and I like being here,” exclaims Francis.