Improving Day by Day

Ashley Ruiz, Reporter

Moving somewhere new can open your eyes to many new things. Art Francis decided to get a new start here at Selma High School. Francis felt as if Selma was a good surrounding. He was ready to enter a new community which was a good chance to start here at Selma High School. Getting a new start here can bring many new life experiences. Trying new things can be good.
“I decided to come to Selma High school because I have always felt that Selma is a great community that supports their sports and student body,” states Francis.
Francis moved to Selma to coach football. Although this is his first year here, he has been coaching and teaching for 29 years. 29 years of coaching can be a lot to deal with. Many years of experience can help build more character. Francis decided to use the experience he has and bring it here to Selma High School.
“I studied for my career at Fresno State University,” says Francis.
Francis has come a long way. He has expectations for this year. “My expectations this year are to help Selma students and athletes get back on the winning path,” exclaims Francis.
Francis is striving to help Selma High students and athletes make progress. He wants them going onto a better path. Francis can see so much more in Selma High. He believes that Selma’s athletes have potential. He is willing to work with what there is and create something even better.
“We have great kids that want to improve every day,” states Francis.
Francis has looked at students and based on their behavior, he sees that students want to improve themselves. Some students on the other hand don’t seem too sure. Francis’ job also comes with some downsides.
“The most challenging part of my job is motivating students that do not like exercising,” says Francis.
This is one downside that Francis has come across. Life in general will have many ups and downs but it’s all about how we react to them. There isn’t much we can do but to just keep moving forward.