Progress Found in Passion


Mrs. Ambrose

Sonia Pacheco, Reporter

With many new staff members being found all across campus, Selma High also has a new addition to the security administration. Mrs. Ambrose began the 2022-2023 school year as a part of the security staff, specifically as a CSO (Campus Security Officer), after her previous experience being a CSA as well. However, this isn’t her first time working on this campus or in this type of position.
Mrs. Ambrose’s experience with Selma High goes at least three years back when she had the position of a CSA (Campus Security Authority) which she says made the adjustment to a new position easier. When asked how it was settling into a new work position Mrs. Ambrose says, “There really was no adjust, everyone’s welcoming and positive.” With her pre-existing knowledge of the students on campus and the environment, having this helped her begin the school year with more secureness and comfortability with her position.
Out of all the schools here in the Valley, what made Selma High School special for Mrs. Ambrose was that she herself is from Selma and attended as a student before even knowing she would be working at her high school years later. Throughout the day she focuses herself on ensuring that the campus is always a safe environment for the students and admin. Usually, a typical day of work consists of ensuring that everyone is in dress code and making sure everybody’s safe following the rules. The safety of the school she once attended as a student is something that she values and tries her best to establish and the effort that it takes, she devotes herself to.
Throughout the day, Mrs. Ambrose also forms connections with students in a way that will help students trust security and security to also trust the students. Other staff members in the security department make the position more enjoyable for Mrs. Ambrose as well, as she discusses how they all work together in order to achieve the goal of ensuring the security of the school whilst communicating and enjoying the help of each other.
Mrs. Ambrose’s choice of taking on this position wasn’t done randomly out of the whim. When asked what inspired her to work in an environment like a high school she says, “I always knew I wanted to work with kids. I like the environment and the people I am surrounded with.” With the supportive energy from the people around Ambrose, she says has helped make her job fun and enjoyable whilst making sure that her responsibilities are being attained.
The position title “Campus Security Officer” carries a lot of responsibilities that focus on assuring security at school for the safety of everyone on campus. For her, one of the many positive aspects she gets to see when doing so she expresses is, “…getting to know the students making positive connections.” For her, she believes that in order to have greater potential at what she wants to accomplish in her position, is to also develop an environment in school where students can communicate with each other and with staff members. It is something that she likes to see as it improves, and hopes that it will keep up like this.
The progression of Mrs. Ambrose’s position shows with the time and devotion she has put into her job. The past experience in a position like what she has now as a CSO has made easing into a new position easier than what it may be like for someone in a new environment with little to no knowledge on what to expect. As time goes on, growth and success is bound to happen especially with commitment and time.