Fate Towards High School


Mrs. Johnson

Sonia Pacheco, Reporter

For many, a brand new school year also means brand new responsibilities and experiences. Mrs. Johnson was one of the people who definitely faced this, as she has now begun in a new position. Mrs. Johnson’s journey, which brought her up to the position where she is now, is one that was filled with a variety of changes and adjustments. However, these experiences also helped her learn more about herself and her goals. Currently, she works at Selma High’s campus as a transitions teacher and her passion for what she does now is something that she expresses passionately.
However, her position at a high school hasn’t always been what she envisioned for herself. Being born and raised in the Valley, Mrs. Johnson had previously attended Selma High as well. So seeing her past teachers now as she has become a teacher herself at the same school, she says was something a bit weird to adjust herself to. After high school, Mrs. Johnson attended Fresno State where she earned her behavior therapist credential, and then got a position at Wilson Elementary as a special education teacher while being a teacher in learning. However, like the instance of many, the directions of her life changed once the pandemic struck, including in ways she didn’t consider initially. The pandemic had changed her route within the education field, and brought her to a new environment. She began substituting for other classrooms, but she still remained in the education field with hopes to help students grow as people. She worked in a variety of locations like San Diego, Washington DC, and San Jose but after some time of doing this, she decided to return back to Selma High. “The thing I like about Selma is that people are closer here so coming back here felt safe, especially in a place I was so familiar with,” she says.
Soon, she got a position that fitted her goals well. However this time it wasn’t with elementary students, but instead high school students. Her career goal had always been to help students in a way that is not commonly found in classrooms. She helps her students build a healthy foundation for their lifestyle that will not only help them now but also in the long run, when they are adults. Mrs. Johnson believes that in order to do this, forming a trustworthy bond between her and her students is something she also has to accomplish because it’s vital. When asked about the differences between elementary and high school students, she says, “It’s different with elementary students, because I could sing songs and dance with them before, but now it’s different!”
These new adjustments did make balancing into her new position somewhat more intricate but she doesn’t view it as something negative, but instead something to learn from and grow with. This new change to her job was another part of the position that took some adjusting. Her perspective on this is as she says, “…will take more time to gain their trust, but I think it will all be worth it when I get to see them all grow.” Keeping this positive mindset helps Mrs. Johnson pursue further than the comprehension that she already withholds. The importance of striving for more and keeping an optimistic mindset is something encouraged by many. And for Mrs. Johnson, this positive energy shows within the joy she expresses when inside her classroom interacting with her students.
Despite these differences in the classroom environment, Mrs. Johnson dedicates herself to working with her students to build trust because she believes that it’s possible to build stronger bonds with high school students, even in ways that aren’t as common with elementary students. As she quickly adjusts to the new work environment, Mrs. Johnson does say that it is not as hard thanks to the kindness and welcoming energy from the people on campus. She hopes to see her students grow throughout the time that she gets to see them and interact with them to help them grow. Despite her plan not working out the way she envisioned at the beginning, Mrs. Johnson’s path took a different route, where hopes to thrive and learn a lot from this school year, alongside with her students.