Welcoming Mr. Fuchs, Our New Enthusiastic Special Ed Teacher


Mr. Fuchs

Aneka Zamora, Reporter

Mr. Fuchs, who is a new special education teacher at Selma High, is enthusiastic about this school year. Mr. Fuchs has a good amount of experience in his field of work.
“I’ve been teaching for around eight years now in special education,” he said
A few places where he has taught are Clovis, Fresno, and Sanger, but out of all these school districts he explained how he prefers Selma’s the most. During those eight years of teaching he has spent some at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. Although he is a new teacher at Selma High, he isn’t new to the community. In fact he was allured to Selma High because of the small town atmosphere and community.
“Being closer to work is also nice,” says Mr. Fuchs.
Choosing to be a special education teacher for him wasn’t a hard decision because most of his family are teachers and he has someone close to him who has special needs.
Mr. Fuchs explained how in his job everyday is different and has a new set of problems to be solved.
“I love to solve problems and help out students,” says Mr. Fuchs.
One of the expectations that he has held for himself already at the beginning of the school year is to make sure he can do everything in his power to help everyone of his students with classes. He is setting the goal of making sure all his students pass their classes this year. On a typical day for Mr. Fuchs, he goes to seven or eight different classes to check up on his students and he usually then teaches a class. “Hopefully in my day I don’t get a call from the Bear Center!”,joked Mr. Fuchs.
Mr. Fuchs always has a positive mindset with his class, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard to stay positive.
“One of the most difficult things about my job is having to deal with daily difficulties,” declared Fuchs. Daily difficulties are challenging for Mr. Fuchs, but like explained he loves to solve problems, so those daily challenges become more of helping his students out with the best results. One thing he didn’t expect from the Selma High community was for there to be so many activities. “I really enjoy how much school activities and school spirit there is from the staff and students.” explained Mr. Fuchs.
When Fuchs is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys going to comic cons and boating in his personal time.